3D Human Models from 1D, 2D and 3D Inputs: Reliability and Compatibility of Body Measurements

This paper presents partial results of a larger validation study of different Data-driven 3D Reconstruction (D3DR) technologies developed by IBV to create watertight 3D human models from measurements (1D3D), 2D images (2D3D) or raw scans (3D3D). This study quantifies the reliability (Standard Error of Measurement, SEM; Mean Absolute Deviation, MAD; Intra-class Correlation Coefficient, ICC; and Coefficient of Variation, CV) of body measurements taken on human subjects.

Report - Consumer Goods Survey

This report is the result of a survey addressed to the consumer goods sector. BODYPASS has
to adapt and create tools that allow a secure exchange of information between data owners,
companies and customers. The survey results will help us to define the needs of the end-users
of BODYPASS results.
28 professionals from different companies have answered the questionnaire. Maybe the number
might seem scarce. However, these professionals have a huge experience in the use and