The user, when becoming a fan or follower of BodyPass Project in its official Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Youtube, Flickr page or in any other social network, is consenting to:

  1. The processing of their personal data in the environment of that specific social network according to their own privacy policy. Links to the privacy policies of the main social networks used by BodyPass Project are presented below:
  2. BodyPass Project’s access to the data the user has provided to visualize, according to their own privacy configuration; and
  3. That BodyPass Project’s published news appears on their wall, biography, etc. In this sense, the University will not use the data for any other purposes or to send information different to that of BodyPass Project.

Similarly, BodyPass Project reserves the right to insert widgets in specific corporative sites willing to include a timeline form its official profile in the different social networks, which sometimes implies a processing of personal data. If you become a fan or follower of BodyPass Project in any social network or use one of these widgets, we consider you consent this processing.
If the user wants to unsubscribe, he/she only has to select the appropriate option in the corresponding social network. How to stop following BodyPass Project in the main social networks is explained below:

  • Facebook: Within the official site of BodyPass Project you have to click the hyperlink which appears at the final part of the left menu “Unlike”. For more information you can consult suport de Facebook.
  • Twitter: On its home site or profile, situate the clicker on the button “Follow”. Once the University’s account is selected, make double click on the option “Unfollow”. For more information you can consult Twitter’s support.
  • Linkedin: On its home site, select the tab “Interests”. Then, select “Enterprises” and, within enterprises, search the site for BodyPass Project. Once there, click “following” and then, select the option “Unfollow”. For more information you can consult LinkedIn’s support.
  • Youtube:In its channel, within the “configuration” tab, click the “Subscription” link. In the subscription corresponding to BodyPass Project’s channel, place the cursor on the button “Request a subscription” and then select the option “Cancel subscription”. For more information you can consult Youtube’s support.