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Achieving a new, better and more advanced scenario for endocrinologists

A pilot demonstrator for the health sector within the BodyPass project, focused on obesity, is using the tools developed in the project to obtain reliable information on fat distribution from exter

P&R's pilot phase starting in July 2020

  All is set in course for the start of P&R’s pilot phase of BodyPass project in July, with the support of the professional cyclist team Rádio Popular Boavista.

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How to exchange and grant access to health data in a secure way: approaches and recommendations

The health crisis due to COVID-19 is shaping a new reality in which the exchange and the access to health data in a secure way will be more and more necessary.

Next meeting

High Tech Campus, Eindhoven, Netherlands
The BODYPASS steering committee will meet on July 3rd. This is the six-month meeting. Some of the main items for this meetings will be:

Big Data Value Meet-up Sofia

Sofia. Bulgaria
BODYPASS will attend the BDV event in Sofia (Bulgaria). IBV and ATOS will represent BODYPASS. Stay tuned.

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