Friday, April 17, 2020
Valencia, Spain

The BodyPass project releases a new series of video interviews. In this first video, we interview Dr. Juan Vicente Durà, coordinator of the BodyPass project and member of the Anthropometry Research Group at the Biomechanics Institute of Valencia (IBV), in Spain. His research group generates anthropometric and morphometric criteria. They analyse metrics and human shapes, which are essential for the design, evaluation, placement of products and services that people use, such as shoes, garments or helmets.

Dr. Durà explains in the video how the BodyPass is dealing with a new type of personal data: the body shapes. These three-dimensional data are very useful for medical applications but also to buy shoes or garments. For this reason, BodyPass is generating tools for processing big quantities of 3D data and protocols for a secure exchange of data between the medical sector and the consumer goods sector.

The project faces many challenges such as making compatible data from very different sources and formats and ensuring the protection of the rights and the privacy of individuals through a process to anonymize 3D data and create secure channels.

Infographic on the BodyPass objectives and challengres

After more than two years after the start of the project, the consortium is now working in the integration of the different components. Up to now they have been developed a software that process the 3D data and extracts information from the medical sector and the consumer goods sector, as well as a software to aggregate and anonymize data.

In order to carry out an exchange of data with all the guarantees, they are using blockchain. This technology will provide the means to secure and audit the transactions to enable secure data exchange, control, and authenticity.

Watch now the video to learn more about this exciting project by the hand of its coordinator!