3D data - Consumer Goods Survey

See the public information of the Consumer Goods survey about the use of 3D data.
Partners of BODYPASS

2nd Meeting of the Steering Committee

High Tech Campus, Eindhoven, Netherlands
BODYPASS has done its 2nd steering committee. All partners participated in a training session about data protection and how to apply GPDR to the BODYPASS project.

ELSE CORP, The First Start-up Classified for the Innovation Award 4.0

Our partner ELSE won the the Innovation Award 4.0, with their industrial Open Innovation project, “The Future of Footwear 4.0: From RoboShop to Factory on De

Collaboration with BigDataStack

BodyPass and BigDatastack projects will collaborate in dessimation activities.

3D data survey for the consumer goods sector

BODYPASS launches a survey for the consumer good sector.

Bodypass in BDV newsletter

See the complete article in the BDV newsletter

ELSE applies 3D to the Beauty & Cosmetics sectors

Cosmoprof WorldWide, 15 to 18 March
Our partner ELSE presents the New Retail Experience of POWDERFUL at Cosmoprof WorldWide in Bologna from 15 to 18 March.The project

Example of application of 3D databases

This article shows an application of 3D databases to create collections of statistically derived body shap

Useful open software for data anonymization

Amnesia, the data anonymization tool of OpenAIRE that allows to remove identifying information

Healthcare Blockchain Key Component for Trusted Data Exchange

Healthcare blockchain is quickly becoming a hot topic in the industry, but data privacy and security and how data will be properly utilized are key concerns for the technology.

BodyPass projects starts its path

“BodyPass was awarded by the EC with a grant and started in January 2018.