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3DBODY.TECH conference

Lugano, Switzerland

IBV participates in the 3DBODY.TECH conference. A good opportunity to show the technologies that IBV will apply in BODYPASS. Paper available.

Philips Research open Day


PHILIPS has disseminated the BODYPASS project during the Dutch Technology Week.  About 3500 people visited the stand (demo + poster) at Philips Research open Day.

3D data - Consumer Goods Survey


See the public information of the Consumer Goods survey about the use of 3D data.

Partners of BODYPASS

2nd Meeting of the Steering Committee

High Tech Campus, Eindhoven, Netherlands

BODYPASS has done its 2nd steering committee. All partners participated in a training session about data protection and how to apply GPDR to the BODYPASS project. The training session was led by professor Ricard Martinez.  Professor Martines is the Director of the Chair of Privacy and Digital Transformation Microsoft-Universitat de Valencia and member of the Microsoft Health Advisory Council. 

During the meeting, the partners discussed methodologies to anonymise 3D data and the architecture for sharing this type of data.

Next meeting

High Tech Campus, Eindhoven, Netherlands

The BODYPASS steering committee will meet on July 3rd. This is the six-month meeting. Some of the main items for this meetings will be:

  • 3D data protection and privacy. GDPR application.
  • Use cases
  • Architecture to exchange and curate 3D data.
  • Dissemination plan.

See you in Eindhoven!!!

ELSE CORP, The First Start-up Classified for the Innovation Award 4.0


Our partner ELSE won the the Innovation Award 4.0, with their industrial Open Innovation project, “The Future of Footwear 4.0: From RoboShop to Factory on Demand” at the A&T, Automation & Testing, fair

ELSE Corp’s technology has been validated as an End-to-End solution, from CAD 3D to Retail and from Customer Personalisation to Manufacturing Floor. a highly related topic to our project.


Collaboration with BigDataStack


BodyPass and BigDatastack projects will collaborate in dessimation activities. The two projects will explore collaboration opportunities from which both projects could benefit.

3D data survey for the consumer goods sector


BODYPASS launches a survey for the consumer good sector. The questionnaire is designed for professionals and companies that design, manufacture or sell products: garments, forniture, sport equipment, etc.

The main objective of BodyPass is to foster exchange, linking and re-use, as well as to integrate 3D data assets. For this, BodyPass has to adapt and create tools that allow a secure exchange of information between data owners, companies and customers. This questionnaire will help to define the needs of the end-users.

Big Data Value Meet-up Sofia

Sofia. Bulgaria

BODYPASS will attend the BDV event in Sofia (Bulgaria). IBV and ATOS will represent BODYPASS.

Stay tuned.

Bodypass in BDV newsletter


See the complete article in the BDV newsletter