Wednesday, October 23, 2019
Lugano, Switzerland

The Instituto de Biomecánica (IBV) has presented BODYPASS in the last meeting of the IEEE working group for 3D Body Processing (IEEE IC-3DBP). The meeting happens during the 3DBODY.TECH Conference & Expo in Lugano, The IEEE working group for 3D Body Processing is working in a standard to address the fundamental attributes that contribute to 3D body processing quality of experiences, as well as identifying and analyzing existing metrics and other useful information relating to these attributes. The aim is to define methods, tools and frameworks to facilitate standards-based interoperability, communication, security and comparison among 3D body processing technologies such as 3D/depth sensors, scanners, digitization, simulation and modeling, analytics and animation/visualization for solution providers as well as for consumer-facing companies such as in retail, health/wellness, sports/athletics, medical industries.

The IBV has hosted second phase of the ‘Comparative Analysis of measurement methods of 3D body scanning’ from the 13th to the 18th of October 2019. This is the second step of a larger study, headed by IEEE IC-3DBP, an industry workgroup of the world's largest professional organization dedicated to advancing technology for humanity. This activity was held at the Human Analysis Lab (HAL) of IBV. IBV will apply the anonymization tools developed in BODYPASS to this global study.

The global study is gathering anthropometric data on living humans using different technologies, namely traditional anthropometric methods (past), 3D scanners (present) and smartphone apps (future). Phase 1 of this study took place in Portland OR (USA) in November 2018.  Phase 2 compares the efficacy of different methods and technologies to extract anthropometric data. Two different full-body scanning booths are analyzed; Portal MX by Texel LLC and MOVE 4D by IBV. Also, four different mobile body scanning apps will participate in the study, as Mirrorsize by Mirrorsize US Inc, Size Stream by Size Stream LLC, 3DLook by 3DLook Inc, and 3D Avatar body app by IBV.  Also, two experts in traditional anthropometric methods, with expertise in the apparel and sports sciences have participated in the study (Fashion Should Empower and Sheffield Hallam University respectively).