Monday, June 29, 2020


All is set in course for the start of P&R’s pilot phase of BodyPass project in July, with the support of the professional cyclist team Rádio Popular Boavista.

Sports garments require precise fitting

In this market segment aimed at high-performance athletes, several prototypes are elaborated until the final result is obtained - a perfect fit! The importance of this development is related to the fact that garments worn by the athlete influence his performance, achievements and results. Badly fitted clothing can cause friction and injury; loose shorts can cause drag on the pedalling motion; a tight top can prevent fluid movement; among so many other examples.

Through BodyPass, we expect to retrieve accurate fitting and metrics for the development of sports garments, reducing the amount of prototypes needed to achieve a perfect fit for customised sports products. We will use BodyPass project to create a collection of garments adjusted to cycling athletes.

The access to specific 3D information from specific target consumers (by country; by age; …), creates the possibility to penetrate new market segments with an adjusted fit.

Looking to the future, BodyPass represents the next step in the secure transmission of 3D data between sectors.

For P&R, it is a pride and a privilege to participate in this ambitious project, with such distinguished partners!