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P&R BodyPass Pilot with cyclists

Sports garments require precise fitting, especially in the market segment aimed at high-performance athletes, in which P&R works.

Explore BodyPass through augmented reality on your mobile device

Curious about how does blockchain technology work in the project, the tools and methods developed, and the application in the health and consumer goods sectors? You can now explore the BodyPass pro

Improving cardiometabolic risk assessment through BodyPass

In the fourth video of the BodyPass interviews series, we speak with Josep Redón, professor of Medicine in the Medical School of the University of Valencia, head of the Internal Medicine Department

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How to exchange and grant access to health data in a secure way: approaches and recommendations

The health crisis due to COVID-19 is shaping a new reality in which the exchange and the access to health data in a secure way will be more and more necessary.

Next meeting

High Tech Campus, Eindhoven, Netherlands
The BODYPASS steering committee will meet on July 3rd. This is the six-month meeting. Some of the main items for this meetings will be:

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