Thursday, November 12, 2020

In the third video of the BodyPass interviews series, we speak with Laura Boura, designer and responsible for operational developments of R&D projects at P&R, a Portuguese textile company focused on manufacturing technical sports garments for major brands in the field of active sportswear and competition wear since 1982. Through this interview we will know the work of P&R, why is important to provide a proper garment fitting in sports, how P&R will benefit from the BodyPass tools and how the project’s results will improve their competitiveness.

The company presents technical solutions for innovative sports clothing. Their competition wear enables high performance to several thousands of Olympic athletes since Atlanta 96. P&R’s involvement in the project is to test the API ecosystem developed by BodyPass for processing and exchanging of 3D data. Their intervention is as an end-user reporting and retrieving the anonymized information in a secure manner respecting privacy protocols. They scan professional cyclists and retrieve their measurements for making adjusted garments that will fit like a second skin.

P&R is certified by the systems implemented in social accountability, quality management system, research development and innovation management system, and environmental good practices. They have a network of partnerships nationally and internationally with universities, laboratories, private companies, and their clients. They are a member of COTEC, the Portuguese innovation association, and one of the founding members of the Portuguese textile cluster. They have a customer-centric approach and a technology-driven mindset pushing towards continuous product and process improvement.

Why is so important precise fitting in sports garments? In this infographic we give you five reasons: