The “Fundación para la Investigación del Hospital Clínico de la Comunidad Valenciana” (INCLIVA, is member of the BDVA and a top 10 biomedical research institute in Spain. It is organized around four priority areas of research: cardiovascular, oncology, metabolism and organic damage and reproductive medicine. INCLIVA is included in the framework of centres of scientific excellence promoted by the Spanish Government, and it has
been accredited by the National Health Institute Carlos III as an Institute of Research in Health Sciences. INCLIVA is the institution managing the research in the area of Health produced by the University of Valencia as its natural third party (School of Medicine, link), the Valencian Infertility Institute (link) and the University Clinic Hospital (link) that includes a health department providing healthcare to the 350.000 inhabitants with a EHR that virtually covers the whole
population of the department.
Additionally, INCLIVA has participated in FP6, FP7 and H2020 research projects funded by the European Commission and boasts a thick network of relationships with the major European scientific institutions and scientific societies that will place to the benefit of the project. During the last 12 years, INCLIVA has been supporting its researchers in their knowledge management practices (financial planning and programmes for the valorisation of research results, support in
the technology transfer and integration of information and communication technologies).
INCLIVA has produced over 600 international publications with a cumulated impact factor of 2500 in the last year and has carried out over 150 granted competitive projects in 2014, including European Framework Programme cooperation major projects. Finally, regarding knowledge transfer INCLIVA has participated in the generation of 34 practice guidelines published in international journals and up to 9 patent requests have been submitted in the last three years.
Role in the project
INCLIVA will be one of the key partners in the health sector pilots, it will carry out one of the validation pilots that belongs to WP5. Validation in real context. Having in mind the importance of the data privacy of the health sector, INCLIVA will play an important role in WP3. Protocols Privacy. Moreover, INCLIVA will contribute to WP1 Specifications, providing the data that the system should include to meet the biomedical professionals needs. Finally, INCLIVA will contribute to WP6 Dissemination and Communication publishing scientific papers and presenting the work done in congresses and other relevant forums.
INCLIVA is the best suited partner for these tasks due to: (1) Its large experience in managing and carrying out all sorts of validation processes in the clinical background. (2) INCLIVA has access to a large number of high value clinical data for the Valencia Region population. (3) INCLIVA has a large experience in funded EU projects and other research projects. (4) Since INCLIVA is a full member of the BDVA, the presence of INCLIVA in the consortium will ensure
the scaling up of the results to the European Health system.