Monday, November 16, 2020


Dr. Juan Durá, coordinator of BodyPass, will present the project results to the IEEE Standardization Committee "Industry Connections 3D Body Processing (3DBP)" on the 16th of November. 

The Industry Connections 3D Body Processing (3DBP) program aims to bring together diverse stakeholders from across technology, retail, research, and standards development to build thought leadership around 3D body processing technology standards in areas such as 3D capture, processing, storage, sharing, and (augmented) representation. The objective of the group is to give consumers a deeper sense of how garments will fit their individual body and personal sense of style through realistic and interactive visual representations

The 3DBP is part of the IEEE Standards Association (IEEE SA) Industry Connections (IC) program that helps incubate new standards and related products and services by facilitating collaboration among organizations and individuals as they hone and refine their thinking on rapidly changing technologies.