API-ecosystem for cross-sectorial exchange of 3D personal data

BodyPass aims to break barriers between health sector and consumer goods sector and eliminate the current data silos.

The main objective of BodyPass is to foster exchange, linking and re-use, as well as to integrate 3D data assets from the two sectors. For this, BodyPass has to adapt and create tools that allow a secure exchange of information between data owners, companies and subjects (patients and customers).

3D personal data contains useful information for product design, online sale services, medical research and patient follow-up

Foster exchangev, linking and re-use, integrate 3D data assets from the two sectors

Adapt and create tools between patients and customers

Latest updates

Milan, Italy

Our partner, ELSE, was present in COSMOFARMA 2019. ELSE's CEO, Mr Andrey Golub, introduced BODYPASS project during its presentation.


P&R Têxteis has been present in the ISPO fair. ISPO is the trade fair for sports business with more than 2,800 exhibitors.


P&R was distinguished with the 2018 Business Excellence Award in the Innovation Category. 

Auxoliogico, Milan, Italy

The third meeting of the BODY PASS consortium in AUXOLOGICO.  The focus of the meeting was the blockchain architecture and the APIs for sharing 3D data.


BODYPASS  present in the BDVA-PPP village at the European Big Data Value Forum 2028. This is the video created for this event

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